Under Consideration

The following terms are under consideration to be added to the pillars: Resilience Availability Centralization Supportable Distributable Risk Management Data Accessibility

Defining Enterprise Software

We define enterprise software to be: Software that is intended to meet the needs of a large* organization. Software that supports a mission critical function for the organization. Software that supports the entire scope of the organization’s audience, including the end consumer (i.e. B2B2C). * The definition of “large” is debatable, as it could be… read more »

The Pillars

The Pillars of Enterprise SaaS Provider Responsibilities Secure – certain to remain or continue to be not subject to threat; protected against attack or other criminal activity Scalable – capable of being easily expanded or upgraded on demand; able to be used or produced in a range of capabilities Portable – easily moves between environments and technologies on demand, with… read more »

The Three Contexts

When describing enterprise ready SaaS, we categorize the pillars into one of three contexts, based on the B2B2C relationship: Commitment to fulfilling provider responsibilities Foundational standards The baseline expectations Consistent regardless of implementation Commitment to meeting client expectations Facilitating the function of the enterprise Empowering the growth of the enterprise Commitment to providing engaging user… read more »

About the Project

The Enterprise-Ready Software as a Service (ER SaaS) project was started to provide a working definition for what it means to build a SaaS application that is fit to serve the needs of the enterprise market. With input from professionals in infrastructure, software engineering, and quality assurance, the desire is to provide a rubric by… read more »

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